Dear Charleston


Dear Charleston.

My heart is boiling over for you. Not with anger, but with an overflowing love and concern. The morning after a man opened fire in my own church, I woke up with this nightmare replaying over and over in my head. It was like reality was drained right out of life and this alternate universe had taken over.

I can’t imagine knowing the doors swung open and the car drove off.
That makes my heart hurt so deeply – not having that sense of “it’s over now”.

Charleston. Where there is fear, there is twice as much love. You wait, in the coming days, you will see an outpouring like you’ve never imagined. It can’t return to you what was lost – all it can do is wrap tightly around you and hold you close. But you will be safe, warm, and loved, and you can heal.

God’s plan will completely astound you. Sometimes you want to turn away. Sometimes you want to plead for answers. Why Why Why. But if you save some room in your heart for faith, even when it seems consumed with fear, your walk with God will take you farther than you dreamed.

You have never been less alone.

Knoxville, TN

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