My Internship Broke My Life’s Plan.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of accompanying my team in a real life client meeting. In fact, for a few minutes, I was seated with our the Director of our client company to my left, and a very important C-Suiter to my right. (Don’t worry – this is not another internship fail story!)

Being the team’s charming millennial viewpoint, I got hit with all the questions during the coffee break. Where do you go to school? How is it going? What do you see yourself doing in the future?
My answer, Well, I’m a UT student, just wrapped up an excellent sophomore year, looking forward to entering the advertising industry where I can put to use the design and media elements I’ve had the privilege of practicing during this experience. (Alright, so I didn’t say it quite like that – I was a little more awkward than that.)

After some commendation, my Director chimed in, “Phoebe doesn’t know it yet, but she’s actually going to become a Marketing expert…” In my mind, I was all like, Suuuuuure. Because my commercials can Totally be featured in the Super Bowl if I enter the Marketing industry instead of Advertising. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works, you crazy!


Here’s part two of the story.

I ran into an old friend at the grocery store who got my marketing wheels turning. Although her daughter, a former best friend of mine, is not opening her own bakery, she definitely gave me some inspiration. First words out of my mouth – Ms. R, your daughter NEEDS to open a bakery. The city of Knoxville is being deprived of her talent every day she is not actively owning a bakery. I would support her 100%. I would use every talent I have (aka Social Media Marketing) to help Knoxville find and fall for her.


I was still noodling on my friend’s future bakery’s Social Media Marketing campaign. Oh, it’s going to be beautiful. My mind is flipping through all this vocabulary I’ve learned from my internship. Alpha Audience, Content Saturation, Social Proof, Distribution, Shareability, Authority… Forget the commercials – unless they’re being shared via YouTube to her loving audience.  Melina, Girl, if you ever open a bakery, you need to call me. #bakedbyrussel #SweetRussels #bakersgonnabake


What’s happened to me? Can I just become a Social Media Marketing Expert and help small businesses connect with local-loving consumers? Because while that niche is booming, Knoxville will NEVER stop loving our scruffy small businesses. This is my home – I know what’s it was and what it’s becoming and what the people WANT! And everyday with this internship, I’m learning HOW they want to see it online. Do I want to do this? Have they converted me to a marketer?

Has anyone been inspired by an internship? Any lightbulb moments that just screamed YASS?


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