Branding Win: Marriott


I have been working for Marriott since September of 2014. We’re challenged every day to uphold the standard of excellence – Brilliance, we call it. Make it brilliant. Because exceeding expectations is the name of the game – and when we don’t meet expectations, every front desk agent is responsible for ensure that guest leaves pleased. I’ve loved working for Marriott, but today it really hit home.

See, today we received a call from a high level Elite guest. We’re talking, 150+ nights a year level guest. Basically family. I answered the call and spoke to a very concerned parent. He informed me that his daughter was involved in a car accident nearby, with no serious injury. He wanted her to be taken to the nearest Marriott hotel – which happened to be my hotel.

I assured him that as soon as his daughter came in the door, I would personally greet her. I would have a ice packs just in case, snacks and drinks to help calm her nerves, on the house. My house. She will be very shaken in an unfamiliar city… well this is my specialty. There’s nothing more comforting than hometown Southern Hospitality.

I don’t love that she got in a wreck – not at all! But I love that the Marriott has provided this family such outstanding service that he prefers she be taken to one of our locations. If I were in his shoes, I would want her in a safe, secure, comfortable place where she can gather her nerves. We get to provide that for this family in need. You know your company has done a good job when you have that kind of respect from your clients. That is successful branding.

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