13 Things You Should Know About Anderson Design Group


I have always wanted to know who was responsible for those gorgeous destination/travel posters you see hanging everywhere. I never dug any deeper assuming “colorful city poster” wouldn’t get me very far. However, I recently found a place in my home seriously dying for a piece of art – so I hopped online. I had NO idea the masterminds behind my favorite posters were so close to home – and that they are such an amazing company!

Here’s 13 Things You Need To Know About Anderson Design Group! 

(While you’re busy reading, I’ll be ordering about 6 prints for my kitchen!)


1) They call Nashville, Tennessee home, which is known for it’s passionate artists and craftspeople.

2) Many prints get donated to local charities to be sold at silent auctions. This raises funds and awareness for their ongoing work with at-risk members of their community.

3)They donate 10% of our annual profits to a number of non-profit organizations. Your purchases help battered women, under-priveleged students, homeless people, parks & greenways, and young people who want to pursue a career in the visual arts.

4) They’re passionate about training the new generation. They support young artists by regularly hosting tours for college design and illustration classes to see our studio, meet the artists, ask questions, or apply for internships.

5) The company was founded in 1993, originally to focus on CD Packaging. At the time, it was called Anderson Thomas Design. Inc.

6) The first few companies on the client list included Universal Studios, MCA Records, DreamWorks Pictures, Golden Books, Hasbro and more.

7) In 2007, the company reorganized the design firm as Anderson Design Group, Inc., narrowing the studio’s focus to specialize in illustrative design, branding, product development and poster design.

8) The team produces 4-6 new posters every month.

9) They have over 500+ illustrations!

10) The team is inspired by the graphic design and illustration from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s and creates as much as possible by hand.

11) After the sketch up, they draw, paint, and hand-letter the poster concepts before we move to the computer for some minor finishing touches.

12) Once a design is complete, the team produces a small number of prints, working closely with local printers who are dedicated to creating the highest quality and most affordable art possible.

13) They do MUCH more than destination/travel themes prints. That’s just one collection of many including Southern Delight, The Man Cave Collection, Vintage Ad Follies, and National Parks. Check them out! 


p.s. They’re not paying me to say they’re awesome. The advertiser/branding/designer in me just had to fangirl a little.


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