An Open Letter to Friends During College:

Dear Friends,
If I don’t make time to be a decent friend this semester – please understand that I had a choice to make between a full friendship circle, and everything else on my plate. I’m working on the career of my dreams, working a job that depends on me, and living in (and affording) wonderful safe apartment of my own. I was invited to extend my internship though next summer to allow myself another year worth of growth and networking 
And I intend on doing it all without crying.
That means making some choices – and sparing no feelings in order to stay on top. I recognize the value of the gesture, a lunch date, or coffee, or really any increment of your precious free time. I know it’s hard to come by and you’d like to spend some of it with me. And when I can make it happen, I’d love to join you – but please don’t be upset or offended should I decline. It’s not that I don’t love you. I just really love keeping my head above water first.
Thanks for loving me through the next two years. One day into my Junior year, I’m already confident that I’ve spread myself too thin. It’s only going to get worse. I’m really looking forward to inviting you all to my pied-de-terre on the other side of the world when I take over my industry. In the mean time, your patience means so much to me. Thank you for understanding.

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