Well, She Dared To: Caitlin Shu

I specifically remember the conversation I had with a coworker almost 4 years ago, back when we both worked in retail.

She was graduating with a degree in English, and I was just a freshman with my sights firmly set on Advertising. In the most casual conversation, she mentioned how advertising looked fun, and she was considering pursuing it.

I don’t think she knew what a rage she sparked in me. My thoughts were buzzing…But… this is a big industry! You don’t just get to waltz into it. Otherwise, why would I be busting my butt in school? No. This industry is for those who devote time, tears, and design smears. No Way, Jose.

The funny thing is, promptly after graduating, that co-worker of mine, moved to New York City where she proceeded to excel in everything she put her mind to. And hauled some ass. She set her roots and grew and grew. And crazily enough, I saw her post today that she was hired by none other than Kay and Black. 

Hot Damn.

She did it. She actually did it. And you know what? It’s perfect for her.

Now here I am, a junior, sweating it out just like she was a few years ago.  And I can’t help but feel not only proud, but highly motivated by this girl. How dare she think she can walk in here… into my industry… and make herself at home. WELL, SHE DARED TO.  That’s what happens when you set your mind to something. Who does she think she is? WELL, She thinks she’s Caitlin Shu… and sure as hell, she’s right.

I’ll see you in the big leagues darling. Who knows, maybe your team will be scouting my talent next year.



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