The Unskippable: Geico Dominates YouTube Advertising.

You don’t come to come to YouTube to watch Ads. You come to listen to the new Adele songs. And anyone who says they don’t hover over that “Skip in __ Seconds” button is lying through their teeth. Myself included. The truth is that those first five seconds are your hook, and if they don’t do the job, you just wasted your money. What’s better is, most marketers simply run their TV spots, untouched, untailored to that precious preroll time.

But for Geico, a commercial legend since I first considered a career in advertising, it finally clicked. They just released quite possibly the most brilliant line of ads I’ve seen so far – in strategy and creativity. You get the hook, line, and sinker in the first 5 seconds. If you make it past there, you’re probably laughing…

Hats off to Martin Agency and Geico for another glorious campaign. See for yourself


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