12 Most Tweetable Quotes from Mark Schaefer’s Campus Takeover

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This week, my director got to see the Intern in her natural habitat. Mark was coming to speak to a class of seniors here at UTK, and was kind enough to let me tag along. I’m just a junior, so in my attempt to seem as cool as possible for the big kids – I live tweeted the whole thing!

In case you missed it, Here are some Mark‘s most tweetable quotes from the lecture. You can find them all on Twitter #schaefergoestoschool (or of course you could follow me at @Vivalaphoebz)

  1. Content has zero economic value unless people see it and share it.
  2. People share content because they want to look relevant.
  3. A Like is a wave at your content, like a pat on the head. Sharing is standing up and announcing that you believe in it.
  4. The 4th Epoch will be the Epoch of Fun. #immersion 
  5. Who is your alpha audience? Do you know who is sharing your content? Who is advocating your brand in this crowd?
  6. Are you doing everything you can to eliminate obstacles to having your content shared?
  7. Coschedule is a great resource for measuring the success of your blog headlines.
  8. Klout score is a relative measure of your ability to move content.
  9. How to stand out in the crowd? Be more human  
  10. Twitter is not about mentions and hashtags. There’s an underlying human pulse. Its about connections
  11. Don’t wait for someone to pick you. Pick yourself.

(And My Personal Favorite)

12. How do you win in this world of information density? A badass strategy.  

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Thank you to Dr. Childers for letting me sit in on the class! It was great to meet everyone! And a special shout out to the only student in class who participated in my first attempt at a live tweet.

Courtesy of @JulzCesar


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