The First Rule of “Being Too Damn Tall”

My name is Phoebe and today I did the unspeakable.

I’ve broken the first rule of “Being Too Damn Tall”.

I bought 2 inch heeled boots, I’m 6’1,

and I’m shameless.

The fact of the matter is, we’ve all got our insecurities.  And they aren’t all “being too shy” or “being too anxious”. Sometimes you can’t hide your insecurity way from the world and hope no one finds out. Sometimes, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Or a forehead in a crowd.


But some days you want to feel like the queen of the world… and the best way to be queen of the world is to be on top of it (or at least 2 inches above it) Hence – the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever owned.

You’ve got to embrace what makes you You. You’ve got to own what makes you beautiful. And sometimes, you have to drop $50 to help you – uh – overcome what makes you self conscious.

Or maybe make you a little more self – conscious.

(Like I’m pretty conscious about how great those boots match my coat)

Say fly dimes.












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