Why I Should Be in Ad Club Executive Boardmember?



So, I applied for the University of Tennessee Advertising Club Executive Board. We had to tell in 1-2 sentences why we would be suitable for the positions  (up to 3) we were pursuing. We will be holding speeches and elections, but I wanted my future club members to know where I stand for each position. So there you have it… 2 sentences or less, why do I think I have what it takes?

I would be a great president because I’m ready to go the distance to take our content, activities, and speakers to the next level. Instead of reiterating what “tools to have in your tool belt to be successful in advertising”, we should try to make sure every member has those “tools” before they graduate.

As vice president, I would strive to make the ad club a welcoming place where members and visitors are expanding their skills and network. Our job should be to elevate our members as much as possible, in confidence and professionalism.

I would be a good social media director because 90% of my personal tweets are to the @UTADPR or @utkadclub accounts promoting industry news, internship opportunities, and ad comedy. 100% of my professional tweets have brought my clients success in their categories.


Now I’m moving into presentation mode, 2 minutes for each position. Wish me luck over the next week! I have big ideas for the ’16-’17 Club

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