Twitter Highlights from UTSMW16



Twitter Highlights from Univ. of Tennessee Social Media Week 2016.



I made it my unofficial job this week to live tweet the quotes and commentary from our fantastic guest speakers this week! This was our 5th annual Social Media Week at UT, and this year we really blew it out of the water!

Check out my favorite moments that happened in the Twittersphere this week!
1. Think about your content through its lifecycle. Which media platform can your message hit next? #utsmw16

2. Develop a strategy before you dive into a new platform. Do you have the tools to feed the beast? @malcolli #utsmw16
3. Take ownership of your presence online. Maintain your brand so it’s accessible and authentic #utsmw16

4. Event driven interactive, like on air Twitter scrolls and in show polling is on fire right now for Scripps Home Category #utsmw16
5. There’s a unique perspective that comes from self-made digital talent…it can cultivate some big ideas for your branding. #utsmw16

6. Content should engage, inspire, or bring practical solutions to your audience @Mariel_Clark #utsmw16

7. Whether a product of a brainstorm or inspired by audience action, new ideas for digital projects come from everywhere. @malcolli #utsmw16

8. “Aim to be shareworthy. Like, all the time” @wildpat_3000
9. “You’re allowed to tell the same story twice…just tell it from a different point of view” -@wildpat_3000 #utsmw16

10. What does social media, beer pouring, and music production have in common? Give your audience a real experience. #utsmw16
11. “Walk in the eminence of you.” – @warsteiner #utsmw16

12. Take social comments with a grain of salt. The people who love your “diy” are going to like. But commentators are another story. #utsmw16
13. “It’s crucial that your staff understand your brand so they can articulate your strengths values and personality to your customers.” @UTSMW

14. “You can’t coach passion. Let your passion drive where you want to go.” -@pauljankowski1 #UTSMW16
15. Most authentic [social] content is full of imperfections. That’s what makes brands more human. #utsmw16 #andrewvollmer

16. [Social] is less about perfection and more about experimentation. Testing and learning is the name of the game. #utsmw16 #andrewvollmer
17. If you can’t explain it in a sentence, it better be worth saying. #keepitsimplestupid #andrewvollmer #utsmw16

18. “The simpler the better – be clear, don’t over complicate the creative. You only have a few seconds to capture user’a attention” @UTSMW
19. “Project briefs are the bible of the agency world.” #AndrewVollmer #utsmw16

20. “Create topical content – contectual, cultural, seasonal relevance always prevails.” #andrewvollmer #utsmw16
21. As Millenials, we are inherently excellent social media managers. #not #putinwork #learnyourtrade @UTSMW

22. Three vital skills Mark says you need: 1. Empathy 2. Great writing skills 3. Confidence to speak up #utsmw16
23. You guys are rocking #UTSMW16 — Can’t believe it’s been 5 years. See you guys on the news tonight! #WATE

24. That’s an 80 inch, 200lb, touch screen monitor being installed in the @adamcb Social Media Command Center. #utsmw16

25. Democracy only works if people are able to think about an issue in a 360 degree manner, instead of focusing on self-interest. #UTSMW16

26. “This will be one of the most studied elections in history. 2016 is the Storytelling election.” #utsmw16 @LBinTheDistrict @UTSMW

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