11 Secrets To A Better Live-Tweet Session.

Last Week, the University of Tennessee hosted dozens of the industry’s most innovative, successful, inspirational, and completely kick ass digital professionals. UT Social Media Week has been bringing state-of-the-art tech and digital knowledge to the students of UT for 5 years now. They seemed to touch on every  vital skill – except how to live-tweet an event like a champion.

1) Find and share the on-screen media.
If a speaker is presenting graphics during a presentation, it’s probably a key component of the message. If you can follow the source and locate that chart, graphic, image… whatever it is, get it in the hands of the audience.


2) Capture concepts, not just quotes
Quote after quote can get really boring, especially if the people around you are hearing the same quote. If you can turn that statement into a clear and concise message in 140 characters, you might result in a more memorable message.

3) Video Clips
Is a powerful statement coming up? A really strong answer to a good question? If you’re in a good position for audio and video, record it! Sharing video is a nice way to break up a digital wall of text.

4) Flip the View
You might have 18 people tweeting the same comments and images. Front row seat views of the speaker and the “one thing they recommend from their experience”… Try changing the perspective. What is the audience doing? Capture that engagement and the expressions. Document the really great questions that everyone was thinking.


5) Support Tech Difficulties
Our guest speaker ran into issues loading a video that was a huge aspect of his message. While our tech crew ran to the stage, I tracked down the video and shared it with the audience. The presentation was up and running quickly, before everyone could view the tweeted video. Had we not had our great crew, the presentation would have crashed and burned – unless we could all view it on our phones…

6) Handwritten key concepts
Want to break up the digital wall of text again? Write out a powerful statement and take a picture of it. It will stand out and bring more attention to your speaker’s message.


7) Gif/Emoji
Don’t be afraid to incorporate Gifs and Emojis! You can still create an intelligent dialog and convey the message while still putting a personal twist.


8) Assist the Storyteller
Remember that the purpose of the event is the Speaker and their message. Tweeters following the event aren’t there for you. They are there to hear the story that the presenter is telling. Your job is to assist the storyteller.

9)Track your Hashtag
You aren’t the only person discussing your event online. If you track the conversations happening, you can really elevate the message and develop connections along the way.


10) Tag the Speaker
Don’t forget to note the speaker’s Twitter handle! Be certain to tag them on comments that their followers will appreciate!

11) Network with the Speakers before.
Connect ahead of time if you can! I always steal a front row seat and let the speaker know that I’ll have my eyes on my phone and my camera snapping throughout their event. I want them to know that I’m promoting their message, not ignoring it.

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