Why do I think I’ll become a successful advertising professional?

I recently wrote a post about Diversity in Advertising for my AAF Most Promising Multicultural Student application. I realized, that entry contained some of my best writing and most honest reflection (at least for having only 300 words!). The second question was such a thought-provoking subject, I’ll never be able to articulate it as clearly and honestly as I did for my application. So if you’re a hiring manager here to spy on me, welcome! And if you ask me about why I think I’ll be successful in this industry, here’s what I’d say (in 300 words or less!)

How can your skills and experience enable you to become a successful advertising professional?

Six internships, countless leadership opportunities, and indispensable mentors have helped prepare me for a career in advertising.

I tried to be intentional and strategic when I was seeking out different opportunities. Instead of having six different internships within a single specialty, I pursued opportunities across the different fields. I wanted to graduate with a background and confidence within strategy and writing but I also wanted to be articulate in the other focuses in advertising. I wanted a more holistic education. When I’m settled into my agency position, I want to be able to contribute to the other departments from a knowledgeable position. Knowing our expectations and boundaries ahead of time, in my opinion, gives me more flexibility in the creative I can produce and the suggestions I propose.

I’ve also gravitated to opportunities of leadership. In the Univ. of Tennessee’s Ad Club, I serve as the Social Media Director, but beyond that, I’ve made a personal commitment to the new members that I would support them as much as I could. I’ve taken an active leadership role volunteering at the 2016 Knoxville ADDY’s, UT Social Media Week 2016, and just recently accepted an invitation to serve on the Dean’s Undergrad Student Advisory Council.

The leaders in my life take initiative, strive to be a positive influence, and create an impact in everything they do. That is the type of leader I’d like to be as I move forward into my advertising career. I think the advertising industry is run by leaders, and I hope to fit right in.


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