Bike Knoxville Now!

Buckle those helmet straps, kids.

It’s time for an exciting announcement for Knoxville!


As of today, 8 beautiful bright green bikes are available to rent for your use around Knoxville. Just a month ago, the deal was designed but thanks to the partners Legacy Parks, Visit Knoxville, Regions, and Billy Lush Board Shop, now Knoxvillians and tourists can cruise the streets of Downtown Knoxville with ease. 

According to Metro Pulse, the bikes will be available for two-hour rentals, $19 for adults, $15 for teachers and military personnel, and $12 for those under $17. Friends of Legacy Parks will be able to rent them for half off.  Renters will get a lock and a map, and the first 100 renters get a Regions Bank backpack. 


Four of the new lime green cruisers will be parked at the Outdoor Adventure Center on Hill Avenue. The other Four will be at the Visitors Center on Gay Street. Rentals will be managed both online by Billy Lush, or at the cash registers at the Adventure Center and the Visitors Center.


All proceeds go towards Legacy Parks, a Knoxville group devoted to protecting our nature and wildlife, connect our Greenways, amp up fun recreational activities for Knoxville’s Outdoor lovers, and basically, raise the bar for Public parks and Green Spaces. (Can you tell I’m a fan?) That picture is one of the entrances to Legacy Park’s Outdoor Knoxville Center. You can’t tell me that’s not an awesome arch.

The bikes themselves are plain. These cruisers have a traditional diamond frame, with an adjustable seat. They are single-geared and have the pedal breaking system. There’s not racks but there are guards and fenders. They aren’t the toughest bikes on the streets, but I don’t think that will stop Knoxville’s Avid Cyclists from getting an extra ride into their schedule.

Directors of the program are hoping to expand locations sometime soon. According to Metro Pulse, they said they will wait and see how the Bikes are received throughout the fall. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for even more rugged bikes for those hardcore cyclists. Who knows, maybe in the future, Knoxville will step into a true bike share program! Such programs cost a pretty penny, I hear. 

Our 8 little cruisers were completely free, a gift from our friends at Regions! (That’s my bank. I feel so proud!)

Thank you Regions, Legacy Parks, and everyone else involved in making Knoxville a more bike friendly place!


The Green Bike Lane added on UT Campus

All Photos from Outdoor Knoxville Facebook Page 

Special thanks to Metro Pulse Staff Blog and Legacy Parks and Outdoor Knoxville


Take Me Kayaking!

Summer has officially begun. You know how I know?

Because I am now the best friend of the owner of a BRAND NEW PAIR OF KAYAKS!

That’s right, my very best friend’s family sprung for a beautiful set of Kayaks. It’s really like they read my mind. I’ve been searching for a good deal on kayaks since October. See, when I’m not dawned in lace, fringe, pink, and gold/silver trimmings, I’m super outdoorsy. Hikes, Lakes, Mud, Kayaking (if I had one), and nature. I really enjoy getting away from the traffic and chaos.

So, I’m absolutely thrilled that my friends love me and will let me go out with them! In fact, I’m probably more excited than all of them. We live in a beautiful area by the Tennessee River, Smokey Mountains, and a handful of lakes. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble finding a place to jump in! A few calm waters, and more rapids as well for once I become a pro! My advice to all of you is to stay tuned for Kayak trip adventure photos!

wpid-0529141044.jpg wpid-0529141043a.jpg wpid-0529141043b.jpg

St. Croix Bucket List

Yes friends! I am back home safe and sound! I had a fabulous time in St.Croix, USVI. I thought, what better way to wrap up my memories than to share a Bucket List! Granted, we were broke college students and couldn’t afford taxies out of the immediate downtown area. The downtown area however, provided us with more than enough adventure and experiences!

1. Buy a Crucian Hook Bracelet



This simple little hook bracelet, here accompanied by a Sea Glass bracelet, is well known and well treasured by both residents and visitors of St. Croix. You can’t leave the island without taking a piece home with you.

2. Eat at the Avocado Pitt 


We literally ate here every day of our trip. I highly reccomend the Iced Hazelnut Coffee and Strawberry Pancakes. And for lunch, go for the BLT and curly fries. Tell them Phoebe sent you! And say Hello to Dawn and Rashawn for me!

3. Snorkel Hotel on the Cay 


Or stay. We stayed at Hotel on the Cay and it was absolutely beautiful – not to mention much more upscale and much more economic. Just a 5 minute ferry off St.Croix is Protestant Cay. (Pronounced Key). It has the most stunning view of the harbor and their own private beach! I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

4. Snorkel Buck Island 



Visit one of the world’s very fewest Underwater National Parks. It’s complete with signs and a trail to help you see the very best reefs Buck Island has to offer. Don’t forget your sunscreen though. This is where I had my poor back exposed without enough sunscreen for 2 hours. My Only Regret!

5. Scuba Cane Bay


Go with S.C.U.B.A! They are the most fun and I know, I went on 4 separate dives that week! A certification through the is only $500, which is amazing because inland dive certification classes are up to $700. I highly suggest getting certified and going to dive the wall in Cane Bay!

6. Seaborne Sea Plane


There’s only one way to visit the other islands of the USVI. That would be a quick ride on the Seaborne Sea Plane. The secret is, the best view of the ocean is right above it. If you look carefully you’ll spot some turtles and other sea critters surfacing. It’s really a trip!

7. Dance with Mocko Jumbie


Mocko Jumbies are traditional Crucian stilt dancers. They love to dance to steel drums and dance around big groups. If you’re lucky, you will run into some Mocko Jumbies during your visit. Watching them dance is just amazing, plus if you tip them, they’ll pose for pictures with you!

8. Touch a Turtle


They’re a sign of good luck! Keep your eyes out for turtles during your trip. I counted 7 during the course of my visit, but I only touched one. Of course, be mindful you are in their home.

9. Listen to Steel Drums Live


Be sure to check the local updates for live Steel Drum concerts! You may think you’ve heard steel drums before, but live – it’s a whole new experience. The music really comes alive and it’s hard not to get up and dance.

10. Go on a Sunset Sail 


I could also list just going on a sail boat. We sat at the very front of the boat where we could hear the sails blowing and get a splash now and then. Of course we slowed down for sunset, which was just as magical as I dreamed. It was very romantic as well.

11. Explore Fort Christiansvaern 


This Danish fort has been guarding the town of Christansted since 1738. Be sure to check out the cannons, armory, and cells. It’s an amazing step back into history to think that this building was all that stood between the perils of pirates and invaders. As the nation entered a more peaceful age, it became a police station and a court.

12. Drink Rum Punch


Have you ever heard of Cruzan Rum? Crucian. Cruzan. Croix. Of course the spelling has changed over the years, but the rum… the rum hasn’t changed much! That is until you mix it into punch. Cheers to pretty much every charter offering us free Rum Punch!

13. Blow on a Conch Shell


Upon arrival at the harbor after each charter, the captains always signaled to each other with the blowing of the conch. Many will offer you a try – and it’s too fun! Don’t pass it up. Blow that sucker like a trumpet! But whatever you do. Don’t call it a (con-ch). It’s a (K-on-k). Spongebob lied to us.

Well that about wraps it up! The 13 things you can not leave St. Croix without doing! I honestly hope every one of you get to experience your own Crucian adventure. It’s an unbelievable place and I can’t wait to go back again! For now though, I am just thankful to be home. (We spent 33 hours in an Airport this week… nuff said.)

Dive Training Shots

To be so honest, I just wanted to brag about how much cooler I am than you. Scuba Training was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had! I could write all day about it, but I thought I would just share pictures instead! But feel free to ask questions! I’m trying to hard not to be like Howard from Big Bang when he came back from space. I literally have made every sentence for the past 2 days about how I can breathe underwater now… So I’m sparing you, trust me! Instead, Just look with your special eyes.


IMGP0058 IMGP0070 IMGP0069

IMGP0084IMGP0088  IMGP0093 IMGP0081IMGP0076IMGP0078 IMGP0095

All these were taken by my Pentax Optio-wg1 Camera. It’s basically Phoebe-Proof. Water, Shock, Dust, and Freeze Proof! So far it’s living up to my expectations! Plus it’s so stinking cool looking! Gotta l0ve Pentax for making a camera that can handle this life!


A Foreign Exchange – Melisa


Hello All! Today I wanted to introduce and interview one of my very best friends. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen her in a few years since she went back home to Europe. Her time in Tennessee was definitely one of the highlights of high school. She’s my friend, my inspiration and my twin! She’s basically the gorgeous, exotic, foreign version of me – which is why I had to introduce her to my amazing blog community!

wpid-IMG_119379260218095-1-1.jpg wpid-IMG_119993561545659-1.jpg

Which one is which?! I’m the one on the left asking the questions, and she’s the one on the right answering! Here we go!

Who are you?

My name is Melisa Cakir. Im 20 years old and my background is Turkish.


Where do you live?
I live in Berlin, Germany

What is the best and worst part about your city?
My favourite part of Berlin are it’s cheap prices and the variety of cultures living together. My least favourite part would be the gentrification due to rich people moving to Berlin.

Have you ever been to the USA? What did you enjoy best?
I lived in the US from 2009 to 2010. I did a high school year in Tennessee and had the privilege to experience an “American teenage life”. My exchange student group did a trip to NYC and that was definitely the week I enjoyed the most!


If you could visit any place in the USA, where would you go?
I think it would be Las Vegas. As far as what I’ve seen in the movies: a fun place to go, where you might get rich or married haha
If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

I would love to go to the Republic of the Maldives. Because to me it’s one step closer to the definition of heaven.


I bet Melisa struggled answering this question since she’s already seen my “Must-See” places

What are your top 10 on your Bucket List?

Buy a beach house. Ride a Gondola in Venice. Go on a cruise. I never had a pet before, so: Own a dog (probably a Golden Retriever). Pay for a strangers meal. Visit the Taj Mahal in India. Swim with dolphins. Have a family/baby. Live in another counrty. Visit the US.


What is the most exciting thing you’ve done this year?
Probably the dissection curses in anatomy class. (I study dentistry)

What is your dream job?

Becoming a dentist
Who is your best friend and what is he like?

My best friend is my brother, he is funny, crazy and loves his playstation. enough said 😀


What is your favorite means of travel?

By train, stay in a tent, swim and get a tan. The more adventure, the better!


What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Fajita de Pollo!

Favorite Movie?
I know soooo girly but I have to say The Notebook 😀

Favorite Music?

Turkish Folklore


Thanks for letting me interview you Missy Sissy! I miss you and hope we get to be together again soon! I’m secretly dreaming of a plane ticket for my first trip to Germany – we’ll make that happen someday!

Everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed stopping by my blog! I’m sure I’ll be inviting Melisa to be a guest again! Feel free to come back and invite your friends! I’m always dreaming about pretty things, far off lands, and life outside my college books, so feel free to flip around the blog and check it out! Much Love!

A Foreign Exchange – Emily

Meet Emily

This girl right here. What I wouldn’t give to spend a day in her shoes! My entire bucket list – I’m pretty sure she crossed it off sometime last year. I’m so happy she’s a part of my life, even if she is so far away. She’s been a blast to get to know over the years and and I conned her to sit down with me (from a distance) and share a little bit about her adventures, her Australia, and herself.


Who are you?

I’m Emily Cooke and I am 20 years old.

Where do you live?

Adelaide, SA, Australia.

What is the best and worst part about living in Adelaide?

It’s quite a small city. The great thing about it is it’s super easy to get around. There is always something to do, which is exciting. Because I’ve lived in Adelaide all my life sometimes it can become boring to find something to do because it is quite small.

Have you ever been to the USA? 

I have never been to America before.

If you could visit any place in the USA where would you go?

If I ever got the chance, I would definitely go to LA and New York. There are just so many places & attractions I want to see in these cities.

If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

I have already traveled quite a lot; to multiple places in Australia, the UK and quite a few countries in Europe. But if I could go anywhere else in the world it would either be the USA or Greece.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve done this year?

The most exciting thing I’ve done would be traveling to the UK and Europe for 8 weeks, which my sister and I organized ourselves. We went to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Belgium. (Photos Below)


What is your dream job?

My dream job would be to work as a travel consultant. I think it would be awesome going into a job where it would be different everyday; organizing holidays for people.

Who is your best friend & What are they like?

My best friends name is Monique. She is amazing. She’s funny and caring and we are always there for each other. We talk every single day, although it does make it hard sometimes as she lives in a different state. Here she is!


What is your favorite food?

A good pasta and chocolate. (But not together of course!)

Favorite movie?

A Little Princess.

Favorite Music?

I love  Ellie Goulding, Jessie J, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.

Ok! Now humor my audience. Tell us about the kangaroos…

They don’t roam around the streets -we don’t have them as pets -we don’t ride them to school -you only see kangaroos in the country or in a wildlife park. Is that what you mean? Haha

emilyyi emilyyyy emilyiiemilyyyyy emilyiii emilyi

Miss Emily, Thanks for letting me grill you! You have the most fun life dear! One of these days I’ll be rich and I can go with you on your magnificent adventures! I love you to pieces and I hope we get together very soon.

I’ve got 2 more fabulous girls to feature this week – They’re just a hoot and I can’t wait to add them to my blog! Don’t forget to check out some earlier posts. Follow/like/share for a first look at our next updates! We’re on Facebook now too! Thanks for stopping by!

I Would Look So Good In A Wetsuit.

First, I should say that nothing is set in stone. But since we’re all dreamers here, I just wanted my followers to be the first to know my next big adventure!


If everything goes according to plan, I will be Scuba Certified by May! I met with the instructor yesterday and we worked out a deal. I’ve got a few session dates to choose from but hopefully I’ll be ready in case I find myself in the Caribbean this coming summer. Who knows what will happen!

It’s been on the bucket list since last summer when I found out my friend’s entire family was certified. He was at the end of his training when I found out, so of course I bombarded him with questions. Finally, he let me go with him to get equipment and see for myself (maybe not his best idea). But did I not look so good in the attire? Is that not enough to sell the idea?

skuba scubi

They also invited me to watch his final dive!


So when my opportunity came, I was pretty excited. I was a little hesitant at first. Getting dive certification isn’t cheap. Especially since I happen to live so far inland I’m an entire Mountain region away from the east coast. However, my friend made a convincing argument. I can’t even consider going to the Caribbean without first getting certified. So, I finally caved and did some looking into the matter. Now, to be honest  I will probably be obsessing over it every day until I am petting a sting ray.  Or manta ray. Or 0ctopus.


The ocean has always fascinated me but I’ve only ever been twice that I can remember. I  feel like such a poser, I have no right to say I love the ocean! You know those people, who just don’t know enough about something to be as fanatic as they are? Well once I am an official diver, I can be as thrilled and wild and excited about the ocean as I want!

I can say, if things stick to the plan, I will be going through The Ski/Scuba Center. They’re known for there excellent instruction and equipment. Not to mention they’re nice as can be! I think the instructor was as excited as I am to have me on board.

skiscuba scubaflag

So, stay tuned if you’re up for following my adventure. I won’t know too much more until closer to summer, however. I do know this. If this works out, my friend will have made a monster.