Match That Strange Easter Tradition

Happy Easter, my sweet friends! I hope your newsfeeds are full of brightly colored eggs, newborn relatives in the arms of costumed strangers, and reminders as to why this season is Truly so special. As for my, I have family time, great food, a little prayer to two on my agenda. As for those that need a little something to do while the yeast rolls bake, I have a little game! How well do you know other countries’ Easter traditions? Here are some, silly, sweet, and wacky ways we celebrate this special season!


1.  In this country, the children wait for the evening of Holy Thursday. All the church bells suddenly grow wings and fly away to Rome to visit the Pope. During their visit, they are blessed by the Pope and collect chocolate goodies to bring back for the children. During this time, all the church bells remain silent because they are “gone”

2.  In this country, Women dressed in traditional garbs while on their way to Sunday mass have men jump out at them and pure buckets of water on them as a “purifying ritual.”

APTOPIX Hungary Easter

3. Instead of being hidden,  Easter eggs are displayed on trees and prominently in  streets. Some of the trees will have thousands of multi color eggs hanged on them.

Volker Kraft

4.  Here, they create a strange dinner menu for the Easter day. Instead of chocolates and eggs, they dine on iguana, turtles and big rodents for the feast.

5.  It is an Easter Bilby that brings the eggs in this country. One reason behind this interesting change is to create awareness on Bilby which is an endangered species in this country. Also, bunnies in this country are disliked for destroying crops.


6.  Here,  It is believed that during the Easter Festival, witches would fly down to Germany to party with the devil. Nowadays children dressed in costumes carrying broomsticks that go door to door and seek candy commemorate this day, much like Halloween. Bonfires are also lit to keep the satanic forces away that supposedly roam around on this day.

7.  On Easter Monday in this section of the world, men take to the streets with sticks decorated with ribbons and whip passing women and girls. The whipping is not intended to be painful, but to encourage “good health and beauty.”

whip women

8.  Instead of eating chocolate bunnies, this country digs into a large piece of butter carved into the shape of a lamb. This tradition is based on the religious idea that lambs are lucky since they were the only animals that Satan could not take a form of.


9.  In this country,you will find trees outside of churches decorated with sticks of tobacco and cigarettes. Following the Easter Sunday services smokes are handed out and everyone lights up.

10. In this country, the people head out to actually hunt Peter the rabbit with a prize of $NZ 3,500 to whoever kills the most bunnies. Every year as many as 20,000 rabbits are killed.

11. The old wives tale goes that in this country, men are not allowed to cook anything or even stand in the kitchen. It is believed that dough will fall on his moustache making it go grey and the dough will fail.

12. During this Easter festival known as Fassika, people celebrate over a grand feast featuring a large loaf of sourdough bread called “Dabo”. Visitors are greeted with a slice of “Dabo” as a means of honoring the crucifixion of Christ. they also wear white clothing exemplifying purity and display headbands made of palm leaves, symbolizing the actual palm leaves during Jesus’ passage before crucifixion.


13. This country has old Easter tradition of decorating wells in order to celebrate the gift of water: life. They decorate wells with beautifully painted eggs and spring flowers…

fountain swiz

14.  The idea of Påskekrimmen, or ‘Easter Thriller’ as it translates in English, is that over the five-day holiday you unplug the phone, reach for your book/kindle and work your way through the spookiest, scariest crime thrillers you can find. disappearing off to their holiday cabins to relax, unwind and dive into a murder mystery.

15. In this last country, the eggs are dyed only one color. Red. This is to symbolize Jesus’s blood and is used in the making of bread.



Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Premiere


Uh Oh Dandelions! I sure hope you didn’t make plans for June 12!

It’s official! I’m now taking RSVP’s for the Premiere Party, and a most anticipated premiere it is. June 12th for the season 3 release of the Netflix Original Series: Orange Is The New Black. I’ve legitimately starved myself of OITNB for the past few months so that the anticipation wouldn’t kill me. I’m a little rocky as to what happened at the end of season 2, but rest assured. I will be glued to my Netflix refreshing my memory as the date draws near. OR Maybe me and the ladies just need a binge watching party…

Regardless, you can expect the following:

o1 o2 o3 o4 o5 o6 o7

That’s what is so magical about guilty pleasures. Some believe it to be shame-inducing, disgraceful, and completely tasteless…. others bake cakes and bask in the camaraderie that comes with such a life.



Burlesque At Its Best.

I’m quite pleased my friend Hilary shared this Upworthy video on Facebook a few days ago.

While we all love a good meaningless stupid comedy, It’s ever so refreshing to come across a powerful statement with a comical twist. Now let’s say we combined Comedy, Feminism, and Burlesque. What is the result? Only Nadia Kamil’s ever so charming stage set, where she strips down layer by layer to reveal….

Well, take a look for yourself.

The Impossible 2014 Quiz

Are your hangovers gone yet? Have the “New Year, New Me” selfies faded out of your feed? Are you ready for the new year? Well before you dive into 2015, let’s check your facts. How well do you know 2014? With the help a few cheeky comedian friends (Including the Fantastic Shane Rhyne) We give you the Impossible 2014 Quiz


1. Which of these pairs did not lead the world to the brink of war in 2014:

a). Russia and Ukraine

b) ISIS and the Taliban

c) Couples in a same sex marriage

d) Seth Rogen and James Franco

2. Who wins for MILF of the year?

a) Kourtney Kardashian

b) Olivia Wilde

c) Scarlet Johanssen

d) Megan Fox

e) Snooki

3. Who was the #1 searched Celebrity

a) Jennifer Lawrence

b) Arianna Grande

c) Kim K

d) Kate Middleton

4. Victims of which 2014 Obsession have a 30% chance of dying

a) “All About That Bass”

b) 50 shades of Grey

c) Frozen

d) Beiber Fever

e) Ebola

5. Which character was not voiced by Robin Williams:

a) Genie in Aladdin

b) Ramon/Lovelace in Happy Feet

c) Fender in Robots

d) Sebastian in Little Mermaid

e) Batty Koda in FernGully

6. Four of these TV Shows almost broke Netflix. Which did not?

a) American Horror Story

b) Orange is the New Black

c) The Walking Dead

d) Breaking Bad

e) Big Bang Theory

7.  In 2014, We landed a rover on…

a) Mars

b) The Moon

c) Comet

d) Russia

8. What does OPEC stand for?

a) Oil Production Executive Corporation

b) Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

c) Oil Production and Exportation Company

d) Oil Price Establishment Corporation

9. Which country made MVP (Most Vexed Players) in the World Cup 2014. 

a) Brazil

b) Qatar

c) Germany

d) U-S-A

10. America dumped ice on it’s head for all but 1 of these reasons.

a)  Increase awareness of Lou Gherig’s Disease

b) Raise money for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

c) Because your cousin tagged you.

d) fight a disease that attacks the nerve system and damages control voluntary muscle movement.

11. Which of the following malls held a Die-In 

a) Manhattan Mall

b) Calhoun Square Mall, Minnesota

c) King of Prussia, Philadelphia

d) Adventura of Miami


1) All of the Above 2) You Decide 3) A 4) E 5) D 6) E 7) C 8) B 9)A 10)C 11) C

How well did you do? Alright, for the sake of comedy, we gave you some freebies. I know you’ll all join me in saying Good Riddance to an eventful year – gone and donefor. & Cheers to 2015!

Wishing you happiness, wealth, and great “We’ll laugh at this someday” Stories

– Phoebe and her Comedian Friends

Santa Shares A Favorite Moment in Knoxville

Comedian by day, Santa by night – Shane Rhyne has celebrated this holiday season sharing favorite moments playing Santa various times throughout his life. Just in case you needed a warm holiday story, here’s Shane with his #1 Pick.

My Favorite Santa Moments #1 – Volunteer Landing, Riverlights Boat Parade, circa 2000.

First, there are some truths about playing Santa that need to be acknowledged.
One, as far as I’m concerned, once you don the gay apparel of the big red suit you have to remain in character the whole time. You never know when a little one might see you and you must remember that you carry the burden of keeping the Christmas magic alive. You must not be the Santa that ends the mystical belief. It’s one of the reasons that walking anywhere downtown at a holiday event became a chore. I wouldn’t take off the beard and hat as I made my way from an event to my car, because I didn’t want to risk a kid seeing me half out of my Santa suit and piece together the puzzle. This also meant that I was obligated to stop and say hello to any child who called out my name. Santa can’t simply ignore a kid and walk away. Thus, a simple walk from Market Square to my car in the parking garage might take 30 minutes or more. But, it’s part of the job. It’s the closest I’ll ever be to becoming a rock star, so I accept that trade off.

Second, the suit is hot. Like tropical hot. My internal thermostat runs high anyway, but add the layers of padding, fur, wig, beard and hat and it can get down right toasty. I usually joked that I could lose 10 pounds a night playing Santa. As kids sat on my lap with their teeth chattering from the cold, I was melting inside and trying to keep my glasses from steaming over.

Usually, that is. One year on Knoxville’s waterfront it was brutally cold and windy. Even I was freezing. Yet, there were children waiting to sit in my lap and so we did. The line moved fast as parents, kids and Santa alike did their best to keep things moving so no one froze to death. When the line hit its designated cutoff time, there were no stragglers hoping to extend the time a few minutes more. Even under my suit and fur, I felt each gust of wind like a blade between by ribs. It was time to go.

My friend Michele helped guide me to the elevator at Volunteer Landing to get me to the City County Building’s Parking Garage. It was good to be inside anything, even an elevator.
There was even a hot chocolate for me to drink. Stepping out of the elevator, I checked my surroundings to insure against observation by children’s eyes and tugged my beard out of the way for my first sip of something to drink all night. And, then, below me on the stairwell, I heard the sobbing above the noise of the wind.

There was also the sound of a sympathetic father. “It’s going to be okay, Nicholas,” he said. “We were too late to find Santa tonight, but we can see him at the mall later.”
He tried to sound confident, but an adult’s ears would also recognize a note of hidden panic in there. He may gave been kicking himself for not getting to the event in time. Perhaps this was his weekend with Nicholas and he was facing the prospect of an unintended broken promise casting a pall over the rest of the weekend, if not the holiday itself. Perhaps he was worried that getting to the mall would not be as easy or certain as he was trying to make it sound.

As Nicholas let out another wail and lamented his missed opportunity to see Santa, I realized that my friend and I, a floor above, could not be seen. They had no idea we were standing there. l listened to Nicholas’ father offer more consolation and looked wistfully at a hot chocolate I knew would be quite cold when I saw it again. I handed it back to Michele and said, “I’ve got work to do.”

And then, hoisting my bag of candy canes and pulling my beard back over my face, I started walking down the stairs to put myself on a collision course with an unsuspecting Nicholas and his dad.
“Ho! Ho! Ho!” I shouted. “Nicholas! Where are you?”

As I reached the landing of the stairwell, there stood a little red-headed boy of about 5 and his father. Each dumbstruck and wide-eyed.

“Well, *there* you are!” I exclaimed. “I’ve been looking *everywhere* for you, Nicholas. Merry Christmas!”

Nicholas, in disbelief, rushed in for a hug. In truth, that’s always my favorite part, when the kids run to Santa like they’ve just seen a long-lost friend return to them.

Nicholas’ dad silently mouthed the words “Thank you” and watched as his son climbed into my lap after I sat myself on the stairs. And we had a wonderful, quiet conversation, Nicholas and I, about his Christmas wishes and how good he’d tried to be that year.

“Were you really looking for me, Santa?” he asked.
“Of course, Nicholas,” I replied. “After all, you and I share something very special.”
“What’s that?”
“Why, our name, of course,” I laughed. “I’m a Nicholas, too. We have to look out for each other.”
And we laughed and I reached into my bag to give him a candy cane.

Nicholas then ran to the railing to see one of the lighted Christmas boats returning to its dock. His dad leaned in and whispered, “I don’t know who you are, but you’ve made that kid’s year.”
“Actually,” I said, “he made mine.”
“And,” I continued, motioning towards my beard and hat, “you know exactly who I am.” And I gave him my est jolly old elf wink.

Nicholas and his dad said their goodbyes and walked away.

“Do you want me to see if I can find you another hot chocolate?” my friend asked.
“No,” I answered, watching the father and son turn the corner. “I’m not so cold anymore.”

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you never pass up the chance to be Santa Claus when the opportunity presents itself. Thank you to Sue Clancy and Mickey Mallonee for letting me be Santa for so many years so I could have these memories today.

Aquarium Birthday Date with Kelly


This is what happens when two best friends celebrate your 20th birthday a little early.

Last night, Kelly Akers texted me like – Hey don’t have plans tomorrow.

First we were gonna Dollywood, but then we were gonna tube down mountains of snow in Ober Gatlinburg, but then I got afraid of heights, so she took me to pet my favorite animal  – Stingray!

wpid-1216141417a.jpgIMGP0627 IMGP0632 IMGP0652

He waved at me! Look, look, see?!

IMGP0658 IMGP0670

Why the long face, Mr. Fish?

IMGP0682 IMGP0685

“Look Kelly, It’s a Chainsaw Fish”

IMGP0697 IMGP0698

I love puffer fish because they are always smiling – like me!

IMGP0706 IMGP0714


IMGP0715 IMGP0723 IMGP0728 IMGP0739

OH and we pet jellyfish and saw penguins too.

image4 image2

The 12 Amazing Trees of Christmas

Instead of studying for finals, I’m procrastinating by obsessing over Christmas! And that includes Christmas trees that are way cooler than mine. These are the neatest yules you’ll see this year! If only my house had 12 rooms! 

1. Portal Tree. Christmas is a lie.


2. Pac Man Tree.


4. Nightmare Before Christmas Tree


5. The Christmas is Strong with This One


 6. All I want for Christmas is Captain America

6. ct15

7. Minnie Mouse Tree


8. Dalek Tree


9. Rocking around the… Cactus?


10. Tulletilde Carols


9. It’s Groot!


10. Hello Kitty Christmas


11. Minion’s Greetings


12. Tree-Rex


Christmas With Phoebe Rose 


On the 5th day of Christmas your blogger friend gave to thee, a freebie Christmas Survey!

I just got so inspired to make a Christmas themes survey for my blog friends! I hope everyone is having an amazing December so far!    I can’t wait to here all about it! Snag Your survey here using the password: Christmas ! Don’t forget to link back or comment so I know where to find your exciting answers!

Happy Holidays Everyone!