The First Rule of “Being Too Damn Tall”

My name is Phoebe and today I did the unspeakable.

I’ve broken the first rule of “Being Too Damn Tall”.

I bought 2 inch heeled boots, I’m 6’1,

and I’m shameless.

The fact of the matter is, we’ve all got our insecurities.  And they aren’t all “being too shy” or “being too anxious”. Sometimes you can’t hide your insecurity way from the world and hope no one finds out. Sometimes, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Or a forehead in a crowd.


But some days you want to feel like the queen of the world… and the best way to be queen of the world is to be on top of it (or at least 2 inches above it) Hence – the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever owned.

You’ve got to embrace what makes you You. You’ve got to own what makes you beautiful. And sometimes, you have to drop $50 to help you – uh – overcome what makes you self conscious.

Or maybe make you a little more self – conscious.

(Like I’m pretty conscious about how great those boots match my coat)

Say fly dimes.












9 Answers to the Question: “What’s So Great About Scalloping?”

It first began with a coworker and a sale. We were looking through the Kate Spade sale items at work when we happened upon a Scalloped Wallet that naturally made us squeak, squeal, and skip about.


With a look of concern, (or maybe it was skepticism) our coworker Steve cautiously approached us to see what had caused us to react. He proceeded to ask us what was so great about scalloping? He just couldn’t wrap his mind around it. Peculiarly enough, my guy Mr.S had a similar reaction when I jokingly told him about my future scalloped wedding dress. He just didn’t understand. So for all you guys out there who can’t see the sheer beauty in scalloped details, let me break it down for you.

1. You can dress it up.


2. You can dress it down.


3. You ALWAYS look classy wearing Scallops


4. You can sleep classy.


5. You can step classy.


6. Even your windows have pizzazz.


7. Even your tanlines are glamorous.


8. Have you ever seen a more delicate lamp?


9. A seat fit for a queen.


Any Questions?

I didn’t think so.

Phoebe Takes Fiore Boutique!


I had the pleasure of taking over Fiore Boutique for a few hours this week! They invited me to be the guest of honor for the day and, oh my gosh, was it fun! I had the task of dressing the mannequins with their newest Christmas/New Year’s items.


I got to hand pick every mannequin’s outfit. This was my first Mall event, and I did so good not to geek out!


20141205_144513 20141205_144546  20141205_144926

Since 2006, founders Young & April share a passion for providing an uplifting positive atmosphere for the customers that have graced Fiore. Finding great items, or as they call it “treasure hunting,” is their favorite activity in part of creating a unique shopping environment. Their main goal is to inspire beauty, charm & femininity to all those who visit Fiore Boutique.

My location, West Town Mall Knoxville, TN is only about 3 months old and already, it’s a local favorite. My shop carries brands like Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Laura and James, and Flying Tomato. If you’re in Knoxville anytime soon, or near a Fiore, swing by and you just might fall in love!


Small Business Saturday – Knoxville, TN

The Order of Events! My MUST HAVE Shops for Small Business Saturday in Knoxville Tennessee! If I don’t make it to each one of these shops tomorrow, I will be devastated. I’m sure I’m not alone! Can I get an Amen, Knox? There are so so many more Small Businesses in Knoxville but these are my favorites! Hope everyone has a Scruffy Day!

1. Bliss

24 Market Square, Knoxville TN


2. Earth To Old City

22 Market Square

3. Coldstream Market

34 Market Square

. 4. Lost & Found Records

3710 Broadway, Knoxville

5. Marc Nelson Denim

700 E. Depot Ave, Knoxville

6. K Brew

1328 N. Broadway, Knoxville

Q+A Jillian Parham from BABE Beauty Bar

Your Face. Cosmetics. Makeup. War Paint. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s heart skips a beat at the mention of the stuff. There’s just nothing like sitting down in front of a big bright mirror and getting all … Continue reading

9 Essentials For Your Industrial Designed Home

Don’t get me wrong, I love frills and lace as much as the next girl. But sometimes, when you have to see it every single day, it gets a little old. However, there’s good news, even for us doily toting, cream with pop-of-color lovers!  Interior design is such a dynamic market, thank goodness, and over the past few years, designers have inspired hundreds of themes and options. The up and up lately is leaning towards a more industrial style.


And if I may say, they are looking GOOD! It’s an eye catching and unique route to go in your designs, gender neutral, and completely open for customization. I’m slowly getting charmed by the way cold industrial elements can mix with such warm and personal pieces. I’m looking forward to my next place, giving it a little wrought-iron lovin’! So for all us fans, here’s the 10 features to consider when designing your Industrial styled home.

1)Exposed brick. It may be tricky to find a place with exposed brick interiors, but it’s likely you’re on the right track. For some, that is a deal breaker. Many people don’t recognize the potential in a rusty, brown, greyish, or even multi-colored wall. Paired in the right way, you have an effortless conversation piece.

ind1 ind2

2)Color isn’t the enemy. While you want to embrace the monochromatic tones, you’ll wish you had more than grey in your life. Work in natural colors to highlight key aspects of the room.

ind9 ind11

3) Upcycle. The moment you start to see the value is that old rejected pieces, the moment you find a treasure. Be it a table, desk, filing system… old pipes and wires. Every item has a higher calling. You may have had the piece de resistance sitting under your nose all this time. There’s nothing a little elbow grease can’t polish up.

ind10 For a similar sheepskin please visit:

4)Experiment with light. Lamps and Chandeliers are some of the coolest room accents available because there is so much variety in the selection. Then there is the matter of where and how to hang it. Once installed/ you will see for yourself how big of a difference the smallest detail in lighting choices are. Even the minute details play a part in the room as a whole.

ind17 ind16

5) Signage. Interesting signs have always been a considered a classic smokestack accent. One eye catching sign is enough to tie together the whole room.

ind8 ind4

6) Iron and pipes. Maybe it’s the echo of the style’s inspiration. Iron features throughout the space reflect the original warehouse/factory’s design that you’re imitating. Plus they’re so neat looking!  Pipes alone can serve as hanging sources, visual art, and support beams for other things. Iron in general attracts the eye. Personally, I find these iron stairs to die for.

ind15 ind14 ind13

7) Open up the windows and let in the light. Unfortunately, we can’t all have dreamy clock tower lofts or full windowed walls, however, we can utilize the windows we have. Remember. We are going for modern industrial, not the early 1900’s labor dungeons. You want light, even a slight breeze to open up the space and keep it inviting and not too gloomy.

ind7 ind3

8) Incorporate the Clocks. I’m sure you’re still dreaming of the clock tower loft. There’s really something to be said about the visual appeal of the clock in a big space. Maybe it’s the symmetry or the way circular forms compliment everything. If you’ve got a cool clock, use it!

ind12 little-man vintage travel room. - No Fee Apartment Rentals in New York City.

9) Maps, Maps, and More Maps! These are so trendy in the industrial design theme now. Every example you find, you’ll see maps somewhere in the photo. Who doesn’t love the charm of a map though? It inspires, reminding us there is a big world out there. I feel like atlases are growing more popular with all the trending design themes actually. Can you blame them?

ind6 ind5

You’ll notice many of these rooms have common elements. Brick, Iron, Map, Sign, Light, Clock, Window – you can’t make this stuff up folks! You’re well on your way to a jaw dropping industrial designed home. All you need is your personal touch and you’ll be set to go! What else would you put in your Industrial home?



A is for Affiliate
B is for Bargain
C is for Charming
D is for Deal

I’m thrilled to have my first affiliate partnership with Lookbook Store!! I’ve always been a huge fan of their fabulous styles and – you can’t even argue – BEST prices. I’m never disappointed clicking over to their website and checking out new arrivals. It’s always a steal of a price with the most darling options to choose from!

So if I’m a little bit obsessing over their merch, it’s because I’m indeed Obsessed! It’s only icing on the cake to be partners! This week I wanted to share the big news with my MUST HAVES for this season. I picked out just a few because, I honestly would wear these picks every day for all of Autumn. I want to know what your favorite items are on Shop With Lookbook Store – Free Shipping Worldwide


Oversized Fringed Cardigan

$46.00 USD


Embroidered Lace Sleeves Dress – Black

$41.00 USD


Asymmetric Fit-and-flare Blazer – Grey

$48.00 USD


3D Rose Top – White

$25.00 USD

Is That A Caterpillar On Your Face?


How does this make you feel? It makes me feel like crap… Even though it makes total sense. 

You already know I embrace The Natural Look. I find beauty in simplicity. Or maybe I find beauty in laziness. Or maybe I’m just lazy. As much attention as I give this face, is it any surprise that eyebrows are low on the priorities list?

I went a full entire year without giving them any attention once. A year between waxing – my wax girl and I joked the entire 10 minutes. I’m talking full on unibrow, extended wings, devil peak at the corners…. It was rough. And I probably would have let it continue if I hadn’t had a funeral to attend. 

Please don’t think I’m gross. I can’t stand a dirty face, or any body odor besides floral. I’m always smooth and soft, and I keep my hair clean and natural. I put in some Effort man. Serious effort. Just not eyebrows.

How many of you all actually care about a person’s eyebrows? Do you pay attention? Are my caterpillars turning people away? I promise I’ll step up my game. I will have beautiful brows. But I need to know I’m not wasting my time. I had perfectly fine friends, my boyfriend didn’t dump me, my family still sat down for meals with me, and I had a paying job with my wicked bad brows…

Is it worth the trouble? You tell me.  

Cinderella Pedicure

cinderella pedi

My friends at Julep invited me to share a post about my favorite pedicure. At first, I was at a loss. I thought to myself, I never treat myself to a pedicure. What would I say? It’s been so long… Last time I gave myself a pedicure, I was going to a fancy party and was trying to feel like a princess. I wanted my tootsies to be as silky soft as my gown. I was going for Cinderella and my feet were perfectly Ball Worthy. Cinderella never needed complicated magic and fancy tricks to make her wish come true. All she needed was a just a few ingredients… Bibbiti. Bobbity. Boo.

cracked feet


Washing feet

pedicure feet

Thanks for the inspiration! I may not be stepping into my glass slippers anytime soon, but I am ready to step in style! If you need fabulous new tooties to step into style, be sure to check out Julep’s polish collection! Your dream-come-true color awaits!


The One Piece: Back and Sexier Than Ever!


Alright maybe it’s just my new found love for Fizz Boutique. But I am in love with every single swimsuit in their new collection. Even the one pieces! I never thought a vintage item could change my opinion about a style – but Man Alive! These vintage one pieces make norm bikini’s look b-o-r-i-n-g. I seriously am considering adding one to my personal collection – I haven’t owned a one piece since I was about 11 years old. (At that point my too-tall-girl torso was just too much for the one piece style. I was an early bikini wearer)

I’m looking forward to slipping one on next time I’m shopping there! I know, I know, I work there. But I haven’t tried anything on, and I am holding off for the perfect thing! I just need to take a day and try on one of all Fizz’s new collection. Seriously. You can’t tell me that honeycomb one isn’t to die for. Plus it has a peek hole right at the breast bone. Modest is Hottest, right?