St. Croix Bucket List

Yes friends! I am back home safe and sound! I had a fabulous time in St.Croix, USVI. I thought, what better way to wrap up my memories than to share a Bucket List! Granted, we were broke college students and couldn’t afford taxies out of the immediate downtown area. The downtown area however, provided us with more than enough adventure and experiences!

1. Buy a Crucian Hook Bracelet



This simple little hook bracelet, here accompanied by a Sea Glass bracelet, is well known and well treasured by both residents and visitors of St. Croix. You can’t leave the island without taking a piece home with you.

2. Eat at the Avocado Pitt 


We literally ate here every day of our trip. I highly reccomend the Iced Hazelnut Coffee and Strawberry Pancakes. And for lunch, go for the BLT and curly fries. Tell them Phoebe sent you! And say Hello to Dawn and Rashawn for me!

3. Snorkel Hotel on the Cay 


Or stay. We stayed at Hotel on the Cay and it was absolutely beautiful – not to mention much more upscale and much more economic. Just a 5 minute ferry off St.Croix is Protestant Cay. (Pronounced Key). It has the most stunning view of the harbor and their own private beach! I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

4. Snorkel Buck Island 



Visit one of the world’s very fewest Underwater National Parks. It’s complete with signs and a trail to help you see the very best reefs Buck Island has to offer. Don’t forget your sunscreen though. This is where I had my poor back exposed without enough sunscreen for 2 hours. My Only Regret!

5. Scuba Cane Bay


Go with S.C.U.B.A! They are the most fun and I know, I went on 4 separate dives that week! A certification through the is only $500, which is amazing because inland dive certification classes are up to $700. I highly suggest getting certified and going to dive the wall in Cane Bay!

6. Seaborne Sea Plane


There’s only one way to visit the other islands of the USVI. That would be a quick ride on the Seaborne Sea Plane. The secret is, the best view of the ocean is right above it. If you look carefully you’ll spot some turtles and other sea critters surfacing. It’s really a trip!

7. Dance with Mocko Jumbie


Mocko Jumbies are traditional Crucian stilt dancers. They love to dance to steel drums and dance around big groups. If you’re lucky, you will run into some Mocko Jumbies during your visit. Watching them dance is just amazing, plus if you tip them, they’ll pose for pictures with you!

8. Touch a Turtle


They’re a sign of good luck! Keep your eyes out for turtles during your trip. I counted 7 during the course of my visit, but I only touched one. Of course, be mindful you are in their home.

9. Listen to Steel Drums Live


Be sure to check the local updates for live Steel Drum concerts! You may think you’ve heard steel drums before, but live – it’s a whole new experience. The music really comes alive and it’s hard not to get up and dance.

10. Go on a Sunset Sail 


I could also list just going on a sail boat. We sat at the very front of the boat where we could hear the sails blowing and get a splash now and then. Of course we slowed down for sunset, which was just as magical as I dreamed. It was very romantic as well.

11. Explore Fort Christiansvaern 


This Danish fort has been guarding the town of Christansted since 1738. Be sure to check out the cannons, armory, and cells. It’s an amazing step back into history to think that this building was all that stood between the perils of pirates and invaders. As the nation entered a more peaceful age, it became a police station and a court.

12. Drink Rum Punch


Have you ever heard of Cruzan Rum? Crucian. Cruzan. Croix. Of course the spelling has changed over the years, but the rum… the rum hasn’t changed much! That is until you mix it into punch. Cheers to pretty much every charter offering us free Rum Punch!

13. Blow on a Conch Shell


Upon arrival at the harbor after each charter, the captains always signaled to each other with the blowing of the conch. Many will offer you a try – and it’s too fun! Don’t pass it up. Blow that sucker like a trumpet! But whatever you do. Don’t call it a (con-ch). It’s a (K-on-k). Spongebob lied to us.

Well that about wraps it up! The 13 things you can not leave St. Croix without doing! I honestly hope every one of you get to experience your own Crucian adventure. It’s an unbelievable place and I can’t wait to go back again! For now though, I am just thankful to be home. (We spent 33 hours in an Airport this week… nuff said.)


One thought on “St. Croix Bucket List

  1. Great post! It’s so nice to hear from you again and your adventures sound incredible! What made you go there?
    Lots of love, Meg (from Glee Project but now has a new blog, MOOKAHT!)

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