Dear K Brew,


Dear K Brew,

I’ve been in love with your coffee since my first visit back in February, back when my sweet blog was just taking off and I was just a sales associate at another downtown boutique. (K Brew and Big News Too!) In our time together, you’ve grown into Knoxville’s Favorite Coffee Shop, and you have taken the brewing world by storm. For me, since our first date, I’ve been hired to work my dream job for a completely different wonderful boutique Fizz. Both our dreams are coming true and both of us are kicking butt and can’t be stopped.

I just wanted to share that your shop isn’t just a coffee lover’s dream. It is a source of inspiration. See, I am going to be the Social Media Manager for Fizz. I will be responsible for the updates and design for the Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Website. You see, not only is your coffee a masterpiece. Your social media is a masterpiece. Each photograph is as brilliant, tasteful, and share-able as your Cold Drip. (Minus the Share-able aspect – You couldn’t pay me to share a sip!) As a media director in training, it’s awesome to watch a growing local business have such an impact online! I hope I’ll be able to bring Fizz into the social media world and take it by storm just like you have.

Keep brewing and inspiring young Knoxville. We love you!

Catch Y’all on the Drip Side!




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